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Re: What is the toughest paint for kitchen cabinets?

Toughest Paint? EPOXY, bar none. withstands oil,chemicals,gasoline, some acids (oven cleaner,etc.). Used exclusivly on air craft. Enough said--except that is a 2-part epoxy that has to be combined with a catalyst hardener and sprayed, and done quickly. Don't panic, you can buy standard epoxy spray paint in cans and do it yourself. Trick is "preperation". Sanding old finish to a dull luster. Masking off areas that you don't want overspray and providing extra ventilation in kitchen. Paint vapors are flammable if exposed to sparks or open flame such as stove pilot light, water heater same or other. Preparation is EVERYTHING. Buy some cheap spray paint at wal-mart and practice spraying another hobby project. Even back and forth strokes of spray paint in several layers until covered. Don't spray by pushing paint button up and down all the time, causes spatters and thin/thick areas. pretty soon you'll be a good spray painter to tackle any project. I just painted my truck door with krylon expoxy white paint using same white primer under coat same as truck. Takes less finish coat to complete job. Job done! A perfect match. Don't forget to prime surface before paint, fills in digs and imperfections before finish coat. I recommend bondo autobody filler for deep imperfections. Mix it, fill flaw with it and putty knife, sand down and procede.

Re: What is the toughest paint for kitchen cabinets?

Sorry...but if there's ONE homeowner in every state that's done an Epoxy on Kitchen cabinets without croaking, I'd love to meet them!
Yes, Epoxies are tough.

BUT...very few homeowners/experienced painters are gonna opt for that route. It ain't gonna happen.



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