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Re: What is this Tool?

if that is a lens on on there it is probably a sextant.if not it is prabably an angle finder

Re: What is this Tool?

It has a leveling bubble and seem to be some kind of level for angles.

Re: What is this tool?

I have one of these angle things as well... Could have been used to set up equipment back in the day. Mine is graduated in GRAD and RADS. I'm still looking to see what they are used for.

Re: What is this tool?

Look it over well and see if there is a name or model number. Then, do a search for that and see what you find.

Re: What is this tool?

It certainly appears to be used for finding angles.

If the units are in Grads ( Gradians ) and Rads ( Radians ) seems to indicate this a device used in surveying.

Just a guess.:)

Re: What is this Tool?
vandy wrote:

Could someone please tell me what this tool is and what it is used for?

I don't know the name but it is used in the timber/logging industry to calculate the slope of a mountain. My dad gave me his and he was a forester.

Re: What is this tool?

A tool used to measure the angle of a slope is called an inclinometer or clinometer.

Re: What is this tool?

I think the term inclineometer is correct. It is used to determine angle or slope measured in degrees. They saw widespread use in many different industries. It could be used to determine of existing slope or angle or it could be used to set a new angle as in construction. I saw them in use as late as the 1960s.they are probably still in use all over the world.

Re: What is this tool?

Well, it's certainly not a sextant. A sextant, by definition, must have a range of 1/6 of a circle, or 60 degrees. This is more like a quadrant, being it is 1/4 of a circle, or 90 degrees (and it is graduated in degrees). Both quadrants and sextants are intended for determining the height, or angle, of the sun above the horizon for use in marine navigation. A quadrant is usually a simpler device comprised of a plumb bob and an angle finder; a sextant (a later invention) generally adds a sight glass.

But I don't think it's a quadrant, either. Since it features a spirit level on the movable part and a large, flat base, it appears to be a clinometer for measuring the angle of a hard, smooth surface such as a roof.

Re: What is this tool?

I believe it is an Inclinometer. The leveling bubble is a way to either find an angle or create an angle. You had two ways of using it. You could put the flat bottom edge on a surface and then rotate the arm until the bubble reached the center of the tube (which would read out on the gauge your angle); or you could set the angle and lock it at the correct angle then place the edge down and rotate the surface until it reached the proper angle you are needing. These tools are very handy in any type of surveying projects. You can by digital inclinometer or digital protractors that work very well and are .00° accurate.

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