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What is this tool?

This tool showed up in our tool drawer out of the blue! :confused: That's a mystery in itself, but we also can not figure out what it is used for. It looks like some kind of wrench. The bottom opens up with a place for drill bits. The handle turns and loosens the "wrench" part a little, but not much. Maybe and 1/8 of an inch is all.
Any ideas?

A. Spruce
Re: What is this tool?

Looks like an auxiliary handle for a drill. The handle should unscrew from the ring portion which opens a slit in the ring, allowing it to fit over the end of the drill. Tighten the handle back down to clamp it to the drill. The "teeth" inside the ring probably index with a mating surface on the drill. The fact that the handle opens to store drill bits clinches it's purpose.

Re: What is this tool?

That does make sense, and will work as you described, and looks like it will hold the drill more steady. So now my next question is... who put it in our tool drawer? :D


Re: What is this tool?

but what would be the purpose? Would it hold the drill more steady or what?

Yep ... it's a handle for a drill or 1/2 inch hammer drill.

The purpose is for you to steady the drill.

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