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What is this tool???

Hi everyone, I found this tool in my garage today while cleaning... I have no idea what it is or what it is used for. I believe the tip is made out of copper, the rod seems to be some sort of steel. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know! I'm very curious!

A. Spruce
Re: What is this tool???
deadshort wrote:

Looks like a hand forged soldering iron minus whatever was used for a handle.

Pretty cool find.

I would agree. They're still used today, a small blast furnace is used to heat the head which is then used to heat metal and melt solder. My sheetmetal installer uses one to solder the downspout scuppers into the gutters. They typically have a wooden handle.

A. Spruce
Re: What is this tool???
deadshort wrote:

I do not think that most folks today realize how much was hand made back in the "old days". The iron was probably used to seal up water carriers like buckets, or as Spruce pointed out gutters and connections.

Back in my school'n days, I built a toolbox using one of these irons as part of learning basic tool use. Of course, that's going back about 30 years ... :eek::D

Re: What is this tool???

They were used to solder gutters section together and seams on metal roofing, but that was before either one of those young pups(Spruce and Deadshort) were around.:D


Oh and a blow tourch was often used to heat them.

Re: What is this tool???

Yep --- sure remember those soldering irons.
Electricans also used them back in the day when K&T was being installed.

Here's a portable method of heating them -------

rumaged through boxes trying to find an iron but grabbed a file to illustrate how the iron would be cradled ---- Dang --- couldn't find it --- I even have one of the first generation "electric" soldering irons --- looked similar with the exception of the electrical cord exiting the wooden handle.

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