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What to do with tiny closets in older home

We need advice on what to do about the "charming" tiny bedroom closets in our 85 year old home. These are the original closets, about four feet wide and 18 inches deep, with one shelf, one horizontal pole and one door opening into the room. Because we may remodel the entire second floor within five years, I need to decide whether it is worth it to remodel two closets to at least widen them, or if there are any creative ways to redesign the existing interior. We are considering moving the pole to one side only and installing wire drawers all the way up the other side, and perhaps a pocket shoe holder inside the door as alternative interior temporarily.

Re: What to do with tiny closets in older home

You don't indicate how big/small the bedrooms are. My first thought would be to make a closet across one end of the room, but that would cut 36-40 inches off the dimension of the room.

Your idea of wire basket shelving and moving the rod to the other wall is a good one (and least expensive one too).

I don't know what your "remodel" that you're planning entails but a very low cost solution is certainly best for now. I'd go with the wire baskets if you think there is an option later to make a real, full sized closet for the room by elimininating some other space. If that's not an option, I'd look seriously at making a full length closet with possibly a built in dresser, across one end of the short side wall. It would give you closet space, a dresser, and eliminate the need for the space to put a dresser in the room.

Good Luck.

Re: What to do with tiny closets in older home

I have/had the same problem. My closet is 12D x 52w. I left the shelf that was already inside then I mounted adjustable shelf brackets. I added laminate shelving to create a built-in look. I could not widen it because half of the space backs up to the brick wall of the chimney. Use baskets and/or shlelf dividers to keep organized.

I am going to do something similar to all the little closets.

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