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What to do with my wall??

:eek: My husband was right... I shouldn't have tore off the wallpaper in my dining area. Wanting to paint this area to update the look of our house, I tore the wallpaper off thinking that it would be plaster underneath. Well, I'm not sure what it is... this is an outside wall and I'm thinking it is cement at the top and plaster at the bottom but I can't be real sure, all I know is it's a mess. So my question is... what do I do with it, how do I prep the wall? How do I repair the areas that have cracks and make it smooth to paint? My neighbor suggested a Venetian Plaster, would that work?

Re: What to do with my wall??

Its hard to say from those photos but at least you posted some which is more than a lot of people do. Doesn't really matter what it is because even sheetrock can look that bad when you remove wallpaer that wasn't put up right to begin with...mainly with no primer under it or the wrong primer.
The end result is having to fix gouged walls.
Thing is...can you spackle/plaster? Cause thats what you need to do after the walls are cleaned up really well. Start out with some 45 minute Durabond in the deep holes.(Don't mix more than you can use in about a half an hour+ cause it starts to get hard sooner than 45 minutes)
For the cracks..open them up with the end of a slot head screwdriver just enough so you can pack the Durabond in nice and tight then clean it all out with a brush and a sponge.
Then skim coat the entire wall if necessary and sand with some fine drywall sandpaper or screeding.

An alternative is to laminate the walls with 1/4" drywall. Glue it up with tubes of drywall adhesive that you can get at any box store or your lumber yard. USe just enough screws to hold it up and keep the seams together till the glue dries. I use more screws at the seams and less than a hlf dozen in the field. Then get to spackling...you can spackle...right? Ut oh...time to call in a pro??? :rolleyes:

Re: What to do with my wall??

andy ... always wanted to be an editor ?? :D :D :D

Re: What to do with my wall??
canuk wrote:

andy ... always wanted to be an editor ?? :D :D :D

Well...I could never fit the shoes of Perry White so I might have to start with filling Jack Larson's (Jimmy O)lol

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