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What to do with good used parts?

Currently I am adding a 13 X 26 room on our home and have two standard (5.6) double paned with slats between the panes and one smaller kitchen window that is also double paned with slats. I would like to give them to a group that can use them. They are in very good condition and I hate for them to be put in a the landfill. I live 25 miles north of Atlanta in Cumming, Georgia. I am looking for ways to dispose of them. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Re: What to do with good used parts?

Might I suggest you donate them to Habitat For Humanity here's a link to their re-stores in Georgia. http://www.habitat.org/cd/env/restore_detail.aspx?place=87

jamie fox
Re: What to do with good used parts?

Hi there,
I'll suggest you to donate it to a charitable trust so that the things which are not in your can be useful to others and matters a lot to them.


Re: What to do with good used parts?

I agree that you should try Habitat for Humanity or some other charitable organization. If the windows are pretty old however they may not want them. I know Habitat likes to make their homes as energy efficient as possible. If none of the charitable organizations want them you could try a salvage company that sells old house parts they may buy them from you if they are nice windows. If not put them out on the curb and I would bet that in less than 2 days someone will scoop them up. During the remodel of my house I put a lot of stuff out by the road and almost everything I put out was taken by someone and hopefully put to a good use instead of being sent to the landfill.

Timothy Miller
Re: What to do with good used parts?

Could post them on Craigs list.

Re: What to do with good used parts?

If Habitat takes them that's great.
Some other ideas...
Here in Baltimore we have a place called the Loading Dock
http://www.loadingdock.org/ They take used and leftover building materials and sell them to those who could not otherwise afford to remodel (well they will sell to anyone). It's a non-profit group who helps the needy and keeps useful stuff out of the landfills.

You can also try Freecycle.org

Re: What to do with good used parts?

Donation is a good point but i think you should use to do some business like a small restaurant can be open with the utilization of kitchen but it is depend on you.

Every thing can be utilize for money .

cheers :)

Re: What to do with good used parts?

If you absolutely won't re-use them, take them to the nearest Habitat for Humanity Restore or Lowe's (they're a H.H. drop off). Someone will love you for your generosity!

Re: What to do with good used parts?

I agree with their suggestion. You can donate that in any institution you like.

Re: What to do with good used parts?

yup i also agree with their suggestions i would also recommend you to donate this to any charity

Re: What to do with good used parts?

Habitat for Humanity will take them, they resell them in their stores to raise money for building new houses. Since Habitat houses follow a re-approved plan, it is unlikely they could reuse the windows themselves as they are unlikely to fit the plan, but someone with a house that is of a similar age as yours might need a replacement window and yours would be perfect for them.

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