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What to do with a concree slab

Hi everyone,

I have a concrete slab as a patio in the back of my house that is really to small to utilize as an outdoor space. I'm not sure how to expand it into a usable outdoor space. Could I pour more concrete around it or put pavers around it? if anyone has any suggestions, I would appreciate the help.

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A. Spruce
Re: What to do with a concree slab
A. Spruce

A picture of the existing space and patio would help. Also, how do you use or intend to use this space?

Re: What to do with a concree slab

Hi all,

Thanks for helping me to be more specific. I'll send a picture as soon as I can. Probably after the first of the year. I would like to use this area to relax, smoke my cigars and outdoor entertaining in small groups; grilling and such. The slab does abut the house and is continuous with my tenants side. I would like to upgrade both sides. There is a step-up to the sliding glass door that is made of cinder-blocks laid on there sides and mortared together. They could easily be removed and I could build a deck flush to the threshold but I priced the material and it will be expensive. Any other ideas would be helpful.


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