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What to do about wall-size plate glass mirror

We are renting for two years (while I'm on a contract); the landlord has given us permission to do whatever we want to the house, which is very outdated upstairs. While we have permission to do what we'd like, we'd also like to avoid major projects/money spending. So, here's my dilemma:
The master bathroom is VERY outdated (think stained **** shower doors, stained tiling, orange laminate counter), but the real piece de resistance is a plate glass mirror that takes up the ENTIRE wall facing the shower. Aside from the fact that nobody wants to see that much of themselves while showering/etc, it also takes up valuable space for storage/hooks/etc. Does anyone have any ideas short of taking the whole thing down to make it a functional/less bizarre space?

(why does it keep editing out "g o l d"??

A. Spruce
Re: What to do about wall-size plate glass mirror
vprice wrote:

(why does it keep editing out ?

You can thank the spammers for that. The G word is in the word filter, as are many other commonly used words like scr-aper, wo-w, on-line, etc. As you can see, there is a work-around when the need arises.

What can you do with the mirrors? Cheap and easy would be to just paint them. you could tape off an area to remain mirror. More difficult would be to remove the mirrors, repair and repaint the wall.

Re: What to do about wall-size plate glass mirror

Quite a challenge. You could possibly cover the mirror with wall paper or grass cloth, or even contact paper maybe. That won't help you with hooks though. Maybe put up a piece of lattice in front of the mirror and attach hooks to that?

Re: What to do about wall-size plate glass mirror

Most old mirrors remove fairly easily in one piece. There are a few tricks;

1- Go to Home Burrito and buy some of them $5 suction cups that are about 4-5" in diameter and have 2 handles that clamp together making the suction part of the suction cup.

2- Ironic as this sounds, its easier if you start with a clean mirror.

3- Starting in the upper corner, about 12" down from the top and 12" from either edge, attach the cup firmly. Use a little water if that helps maintain suction with those el-cheepo cups.

4- Start pulling on the mirror with rythmic gentle pulls. The mirror is held in place with a few goobers of mirror glue, which if you are lucky, was poorly applied closer to the ceiling.

5- As you tug at the mirror, you will see it start to bend. Don't freak out. Also don't yank so hard you break the mirror. You'll be surprized how much tugging you can do, but don't go overboard.

6- As the mirror loosens up, move the suction cup around and keep tugging, working from the top down. Eventually you'll loosen the mirror enough to get the top to pull away from the wall.

7- As the top comes slowly away from the wall, tug at the middle as not to snap the mirror.

8- Post the mirror on Craigs' List. You'll be surprised how many people are in the market for large mirrors. Just don't ask them where they plan to install it as they will all lie as they try to get you to believe they are building a "home gym";)

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