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What to do about Chinese made worm drives?

I'm having a hissy fit. In the 4 decades I've been using power tools, I have learned that it is always cheaper in the long run to buy the best tool you can afford, hence the many Milwaukee, Delta, General, Porter-Cable, DeWalt, and Fluke tools in my arsenal. I got tired of replacing discount darlings after 3 garbage cans full of them.

I just learned that Milwaukee Tools was bought by a Chinese company, TTI, head-quarterd in China, but doing business globally and buying up brands like popcorn at the movies. As many of you may have noticed, many of of the power tools they now offer are made in China, but there's no hint of that in any of the literature.

In fact, A Milwaukee customer rep told me that only a few tools are still made in the USA by them. I don't have to wonder why anymore since I now know they are owned by the Chinese. They (the Chinese) are literally sucking US jobs out of our country and at this point, there are NO US companies making many of the tools we use.

In specific, I have a garage to build and some roof framing to do and a number of panels to rip that I thought I could use a worm drive saw on. The investigation I just completed has shown me that there are NO US or European makers of worms drives at this time. Every single model of worm drive is now made in China. I was stunned beyond belief! It's like eating your seed corn --- you just don't do that. Both Milwaukee & Bosch used to make them in the USA as did Skil of course, but now, according to the customer service reps in all of the companies,they are all made in China.

This gives me great heartache for a number of reasons.

1)We have literally sold the rope to the Chinese so they can hang us with it. What happens in 10,15, or 20 years when the Chinese start sending us tools that cost more but crap out sooner (planned obsolescence) because they wanted to put the squeeze on us just because they could.

2) Don't anyone tell me it would never happen because they are our friends now. They are actively stealing both trade & defense secrets every day of every week, not to mention experimenting with hacking into our infrastructure controls for electricity, water, and our financial institutions, etc. DO good friends do that?

3) It's quite clear that they are seeking to rule the world economically and if they achieve that, we won't be singing the US national anthem any more. But I digress.

So here it is: do I do my little projects with my trusty made-in-the-USA 30 year old Milwaukee sidewinder, like a true patriot would, or do I join the throngs of Americans who see no problem with us having fewer & fewer jobs in our country and buy the Communist made Bosch or Communist made Milwaukee, or Communist made DeWalt, or just go buy the Makita which I think is not made in China yet? What do you say, fellow countrymen?

Do you all believe that China makes products as good as we used to? If so, why all the recalls across the entire export spectrum where specified materials are changed without notice and hazardous materials seem rife?

Are we all happy that our very own CEO's and Bankers who clamor for an ever bigger but undeserved paycheck are the ones who have sold us into foreclosure, homelessness, and despair?

What would you patriots say to them now? I'm listening.


Re: What to do about Chinese made worm drives?

Da Ja Vue all over again. It doesn't seem like it was that long ago I saw similar articles and letters to the editors about that cheap junk from Japan and how they were going to take over the world.

The problem is not the cheap junk from China, the problem is our own government that has taxed us out of the market.

A. Spruce
Re: What to do about Chinese made worm drives?
A. Spruce

It pretty much comes down to three things:

  • Blame a populace that wants cheap products - be damned the quality.
  • Blame big business that is only concerned about maximizing profits so that they can get their yearly multi-million dollar bonuses.
  • Blame a government (not a singular administration ) that allows foreign take-overs.
Re: What to do about Chinese made worm drives?

Thank you all for validating my thoughts.

@Dead short. I had running water in my trailer, but it was indeed hell.

@JLM. My way back meter thinks the Nipponese backlash started about 10 years after WW2, say mid 50's. I certainly agree on the Government's role. Why is it they have mostly been inept after circa 1900?

@Spruce. Dead on (as usual) in my opinion.

Since America was built on the backs of people who actually use tools (see industrial revolution)(as opposed to those who use deception & chicanery, see politics/lawyers), how will we "muddle through" when all our tools are such poor quality that most projects take as long as the "big dig" in Boston?

I think corporations like Bosch & Milwaukee and all the Wannabes are deluding themselves about making stuff in China. The Bosch rep I spoke to said, "We own & control the factory so it doesn't matter if it's in China or Arkansas where the worm drives were formerly made."

So what did you do, import a thousand or so trained German ( or laid off Milwaukee) machinists to China to staff the factory, or did you just use the Chinese farmers with zero education to staff it for 81 cents/hour? Just as good, RIGHT?

Q: What pontificating BOZO in business or government doesn't understand the reality that both training (read as education & experience) & culture have an enormous contribution to quality?

When you've been dirt poor all your hard-scrabble life, you only learn how to make do with less and how to make short cuts, not how to improve quality, no matter what country you live in. It becomes ingrained in everything you do.

The pursuit of quality only comes when both the economic incentive and the caliber of the work force are capable of it. Otherwise, we'd have high school teenagers building most of the stuff we use, including our housing.

In all developing nations, quantity ALWAYS comes before quality. Just like Japan in the 50's, China is now in the race for quantity, not quality. Only the American CEO's delude themselves that quality can come from inexperienced and untrained workers because their "management" paychecks will be so much bigger when they sell out their own countrymen & neighbors.

A: All of them apparently!

It's truly amazing that all of these so called managers / administrators do not have a clue about what reality is in the day to day workings of factories or in the ethical treatment of their own society.

Maybe we should round them all up & export them to China, or Antarctica,or Patagonia, or Somalia or Yemen? :p

And what about that worm drive? Is it treason to buy one?

Re: What to do about Chinese made worm drives?

Well, I bought the Work Force hypoid drive model from Menard's. $120. Piece-of-crap. Motor was garbage, vibrations and pulsing even under no-load operation. Returned. Bought a different worm drive from another big-box store. Same Chinese-quality construction. Returned. Finally ordered the Makita hypoid drive model from Home Depot and will be keeping it because I need a worm drive, not because its a great tool. Just better than the chinese junk. If you really want a GOOD worm drive. Get on Ebay & buy a used Milwaukee or better yet, Craftsman metal-bodied worm drive made back in the 70's. Then pay dearly to have it refurbished. At least you will have a good tool that should last a lifetime when you're done bleeding out of the wallet. Good luck.

Re: What to do about Chinese made worm drives?

Emerald Home,

Sorry to put you in a bad mood, but I just found out that the Makita hypoids are also made in China! I was looking at one at a local dealer who really wanted to give me a good deal on it, but they confirmed it too was made in China.

That fact & and my experience with Chinese made products leaves me with no worm drive or alternative.

I am searching for a used Bosch that was previously made in the USA made (Arkansas to be specific).

Keep the faith. :rolleyes:


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