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What to do?

I need advice on where to disconnect pipe from under tub so I can run pipe directly outside. Also how to cap off pipe. When we use the shower it makes the toilet bubble and raw sewage comes up in the other shower. I have tryed everything. We are waitin for city sewage. But untill this happens I have to do something. Can you help?:confused::

Re: What to do?

In most jurisdictions, discharging toilet and bath water in the yard is illegal. Also, sewer problems in your home are not city business.

What you have is a major blockage in your sewer line. You say you tried everything, but still have a problem. Evidently, you haven't tried everything. Call a plumber or a sewer cleaner.

Re: What to do?

I think he is having septic problems and doesn't what to make repairs and is waiting for sewer to become available. If this is the case about the only thing that can be done on a temporary bases is to have the tank pumped. Dumping the water into the yard is not a option.


Re: What to do?

Summer's coming. Instead of piping your shower out in the yard and drawing the ire of People Who Walk Stiffly, just build an outdoor shower. ;)

Many municipalities are beginning to allow the use of greywater (which is anything that doesn't include human waste, such as what comes from a toilet) for irrigation. If this is the case where you live, piping the shower water into the yard shouldn't be a problem. Under the tub, there will be a trap, which is a U-shaped section of pipe. Just cut into the line anywhere downstream of this trap.

So why don't you get a sewer backup when you flush the toilet? If you don't get it then, then it's not a septic problem; you've got a blockage.

Re: What to do?

:) Thanks for responding to my post. I would like to clear one thing up. All I want to do is pipe my shower outside so we can enjoy a shower without the posibility of sewage coming up in the other shower. I would never let sewage run out to the back yard. Before you are critical towards me let me fill you in on my situation. I have lived in this trailor for over 3 years. I met the landlord through a friend. His home was a mess. The yard had trash from one end to the other. The house smelled so strong of urine and trash I could not go inside. Brocken widows, no working plumbing, no trim around windows,no working toilets, the people were deficating in buckets outside. The owner of the house had no idear untill the town called him to complain.(He lives in another state) He always got his rent on time so he did not feel the need to see if there were any problems. I decided to take on the project. We got the major problems taken care of. I have done all the light fixtures,plugs,switches, framed all the windows,repaired the roof,fixed the cooler,kitchen cabinets,painted from top to bottom,replaced all floors(plywood) painted with rugs,works great! I turned this 3 bd,2 bth trailor into a cozy home. I work full-time,I work on the house full-time. My landlord almost cryed when he saw it. I read books on how to fix everything. And I watch "This Old House" every week. I'm a single Mom who at age 52 is tired of fixing up everyones house. Hopefully I can do it for myself someday. Anyway the septic has always been a problem. The city is planning on turning my street into city sewage. So untill that happens I will take on the task of piping just the shower to my back yard. Thanks! Laurie

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