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What to clean with?

I'm about to start painting walls and cabinets, what is a good product to clean with before I paint?

Re: What to clean with?

warm water and T.S.P you can get it in the paint section of all big box stores

Re: What to clean with?


Probably the most time tested product is TSP (TriSodium PHosphate). Any good paint store should have it, although some areas of the country have banned it because of the phosphates that get into the water shed. Two other products that I have used are DIRTEX and SoilMax (used to be called Soilax).

One anvantage of Dirtex is that it does not have to be rinsed with clean water, as does TSP. It is not so harsh as TSP.

TSP, in a strong solution, will actually dull the existing wall finish. It is often used to dull slick enamel to increase adhesion. Good to read the instructions. It will also eat into glass and aluminum. It is a good idea to wear rubber gloves when using TSP.

Re: What to clean with?

Thank you both!

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