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what temp to set thermostat?

I have a small a/c for the size of house I have. I usually set the thermostat on 78 so that the a/c is not running 24/7. I was wondering if I am sweating for nothing. Would it cost to the same to consistantly keep the temputure at 72 vs 78?

Re: what temp to set thermostat?

My philosophy on thermostats is this . I WILL BE COMFORTABLE IN
MY OWN HOUSE . When the time comes that I can no longer afford electricity and natural gas, I will rethink my position . :cool:

Yes , it will cost more to keep the temp. at 72 rather than 78 if it causes the unit to run more . That's obvious . You are the only one that can decide your priorities .

Re: what temp to set thermostat?

Exactly right you pay for comfort and also -Can you sleep well at 78 degrees? - if you can't get enough rest you can't work productivly then you can't pay you power bill so live in comfort also 78 at a higher humidity feels hotter than 78 at lower RH.Some lower RH months are tolerable at 78 vs mid summer.

you can also insulate more that would always help and offset the power bill
Sleep well

Re: what temp to set thermostat?

we live in north florida and I will tell you that simply by raising our the temp in here to about 78 which at had been set at 70 (I'm originally from northern michigan so I like the cooler temp) it has lowered our elec bill from 278 last year to 125 this year. I never would have figured it would make that kind of difference but it did. the thing that makes it much more bearable is we have plenty of fans in the house and they make all the difference in the comfort level.

Re: what temp to set thermostat?

At home I keep ours at 76 or 75. I like it a bit cooler, but the girls seem to like it a little higher. What works for you is the right temperature, but lower costs more.
I can't wait until I can open the windows again.
In the mean time the crabs are running, so I'm not too eager for the cooler temps.

Re: what temp to set thermostat?

Whatever you can afford.
For us 75 or 74 seems to be a good balance for comfort and cost.

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