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What in Tarnation is this House?


This is my first post. Yippee! And nice to be here.

This house is located in Maryland, not Tarnation. But I still don't really know what style it is. It was built in 1920. My wife and I bought it a few months ago, and needless to say it needs a great deal of 'attention.'

So...what is this house?

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Re: What in Tarnation is this House?

I don't know the style name, but it is a common type of that age in Md. I know of a few like it in Fork, eastern Balto. County

Re: What in Tarnation is this House?

Looks like you've got a nice Four Square with some nice potential. It appears that an addition was added at some point near the back corner on the right of that picture. Good luck with your project and welcome to the forum.


Re: What in Tarnation is this House?

Great! Thanks for the info...a foursquare...perhaps from Sears. I'll have to look it up.

Re: What in Tarnation is this House?

Thanks for sharing information about this home, Whatever this style of home but I liked this home, It looks very beautiful from Outside so I'm sure that it'll look very much beautiful from inside.

Sidney Fife
Re: What in Tarnation is this House?

Yep, it's a Foursquare. But it's one that's been altered quite a bit, with the stucco and arches on the porch. Also, the small bay window on the second floor (a common feature) looks like the roof line was altered. Somebody really wanted this to look different!

It's very nice, but have you ever thought of hammering off some of the stucco to see what's underneath? It'd be a great project to restore it to its former glory! Heh-heh...just kidding! ;)

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