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what takes the hot water so long

I just had the last of 4 rental units re piped not long ago (2 months) at the same time we decided to replace the hot water heater as well (whirlpool "low boy" type,29 gal. capacity and electric) On the hot side from the HWH to the last fixture is @ 30'in total of pipeing. 6' of that 30' runs from the HWH inside the house and it is 3/4" CPVC,another 6' ran in two 3' sections runs along a exterior wall on the outside and @ 12' of that 30' runs underground. Both of the above mentioned pipe runs are insulated. The last 6' run is of existing 1/2" copper. All cold side pipeing is 3/4" CPVC. The cold side pipeing measures @25-27'
As you can read on a 24' section we decided to upgrade on the hot side from 1/2" to 3/4" i did not think it was going to make as big a difference as it did... It takes 30+ seconds at any of the 3 fixtures to get hot water (tub/shower,kitchen sink,lavatory sink) What to do now?go back to 1/2" all the way on the hot side? I do not want to install a recirculation pump.Before it had 3/4" galvanized and provided hot water in an instant.

Thanks all!!

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