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What style is my 1920's house?

I've purchased a house built in 1920 & I'm unsure if she's a bunaglow, craftsman, or ? She resembles the Sunshine Bungalow, the floor plan is almost identical but reversed, also, she's a full 2 story with prominent chimneys and lead glass windows.

Any ideas?



Re: What style is my 1920's house?

I think it should be like new style
like wooden floor
ceiling should be beautiful

Re: What style is my 1920's house?

At TOH we use A Field Guide to American Houses, by Virginia and Lee McAlester, as our reference for house styles; used copies can be found on the web for less than $10. The names of house styles often differ regionally and historically, but the McAlesters' classification is pretty logical and very well researched. They use the term Craftsman for most styles that might popularly be called bungalows. This avoids confusion with "bungalow" as a generic form, much as a "cottage" is a generic form. Your house certainly has major hallmarks of the Craftsman style and falls in the right time period, 1905 to about 1930. Most houses also have a blend of elements and eccentricities, but that's often what makes them uniquely charming.

Re: What style is my 1920's house?

I'd call it a hipped roof bungaloid cottage with an integral front porch. It does not exhibit any Arts & Crafts detailing, and the roof is too steep for a pure bungalow, but it is of the period, and the open cornice is vaguely craftsman-ish.

Re: What style is my 1920's house?

Cute! Love the big porch.

Re: What style is my 1920's house?

***, such a charming house, the porch is great

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