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What is the style of this house, please?

It was built in 1990. Thank you!

Re: What is the style of this house, please?

Oh Really!! Still It looks very modern, Elegant and Ancient Home. I want to see another photos and information about this Home.

Sidney Fife
Re: What is the style of this house, please?

It's not any ONE style, actually. In the early 90's, builders came up with various styles for mass-produced houses in new neighborhoods. Your is in a desert area, I gather? The style incorporates some Spanish colonial (the stucco and tile roof), with some modern (clean lines and plain windows with no trim).

But the protruding garage is strictly modern (not a style, a time period). It was devised to save space on expensive lots, and also meant as a convenience.

No historic house style would ever locate a garage in front, since people always wanted to show off their house's best feature (usually an elaborate front door, a nice porch, or other decorative elements like columns and landscaping). The garage would be in the back (same thing for the kitchen), in Victorian times and before (since that is where the horses and carriages were, along with the servants).

Only in the late 1940's and 50's did you see "Cape Cod" style houses with garages on the SIDE of the building, often separated by a segment of house or a "breeze way".

If your house was in the East or North, it would probably have clapboards rather than stucco, and divided light windows, and possibly a porch of some kind, but it would still have borrowed from several different styles, as late 20th-21st Century architects usually do to accommodate modern builders and developers.

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