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What should I do out here? Porch overhaul

Hi All,

I just recently decided I wanted to convert my screened in porch into something more useful year round. See a photo here: https://goo.gl/photos/g9HL75nfa2iakiKX9

I plan on making this space into an enclosed porch with knee walls, a small wood burning stove and crank out windows all around. Also want to add a sliding door to the house instead of the standard door.

As you will see from this photo, the original slab (16x12) has settled in the middle of the floor. The edges of the patio have a block foundation and all appear to be level. The question is, do I:

1. Remove the pad and have a concrete contractor pour a new pad. If I go this route, will it just do the same thing? Cost is ~$1800

2. Frame a 2x6 floor over this sunken pad, secured to a ledger board on my house and with framing on the other three walls. Add footings as needed or 2x8 or 2x10 if necessary. Cost would be materials only, have family that could help with labor.

What do you think?

Re: What should I do out here? Porch overhaul

First verify whether your plans need a permit, since you mention a stove.

To answer the question: go with option 1.

Re: What should I do out here? Porch overhaul

Find out what is legal first!

I regularly deal with multiple counties, cities and different codes. In at least 3 places you cannot have any type of heat-producing device under a roof except for manufactured stoves, manufactured furnaces or heaters, manufactured water heaters, and properly constructed fireplaces. You may discover the expense of meeting the codes to do it the way you want to is more than you want to spend, which may make you want to change your plans. If you can do what you want to, replace the slab, one and done. You sure don;t want to have to go back and try to correct it later after enclosing it!

I do like your ideas for the space and I hope your local codes will make it do-able!


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