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What product is best for fixing plaster on a wall?

some of the plaster on my walls inside my house is falling off or cracked and I would like to repair it. I found these products made by DAP and I am not sure which one would be best. Which one do you think would be best for me to use


the walls are drywall. all of the cracked and fallen plaster is around the window area. i do have a few small holes in other parts of the room from screws that were used to hang stuff and i want to repair that too. here are some pics of the problems

Re: What product is best for fixing plaster on a wall?


I generally only used pre-mixed patching products for shallow, superficial patches. If you make a deep patch with them, they will take forever to dry and then get shrinkage cracks.

My favorite patching material is "hot mud". Hot mud is what drywallers use when they have to get in and out of a job in one day. It is mixed from a dry powder and then dries chemically. It comes in 5, 20 45 and 90 minute dry time versions. It dries rapidly, is sandable and has great adhesion. It also feathers out onto existing slick surrounding surfaces. Durabond Easy-Sand is the brand I used most.

If you are patching plaster which is down to the "scratch coat", you should dampen the scratch coat to assure better adhesion to it. When patching holes in drywall, I would also frequently dampen the edges of the drywall to assure better adhesion to it too.

The hot mud is sandable, but whereas it sets in only minutes, it does not sand well until the moisture has dried out of it. If you sand too soon, it will clog your sandpaper. When dry, it sands fine.

Re: What product is best for fixing plaster on a wall?

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