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what a nightmare.

The shower in the house I'm purchasing has loose walls by the faucets:eek: and I pick up a strong smell of mold and mildew what and how can I fix this problem without going broke?:confused:

Re: what a nightmare.

Get an estimate from a plumber if you can.

Make the sale contingent upon the repair. The seller could leave money in escrow to pay for the repair or better yet, have the seller repair it before the sale.

The condition you describe could run into thousands of dollars depending on what you find behind the wall.

Re: what a nightmare.

That's true, and let me add this:

You can't get an estimate with that wall up, so whoever will be looking at this has to have the wall removed to determine the scope of the mold. You're looking at treating and replacing various materials to get it under control.

Call, have the seller or have escrow call mold experts.

You need to know what you're purchasing.

Re: what a nightmare.

to add one more thing.

be very wary of leaving the repairs solely up to the homeowner. all they're going to want is the cheapest quickest fix to get the house sold. have it looked at by more than one contractor, get estimates, have the seller get estimates also and collectively agree on a price and i would recommend getting the repairs made yourself, perhaps with additional money held in escrow for unseen, behind the wall, damages.

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