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What kind of wall? Built in 1931

Hey guys, I live in a four-plex house built in 1931, in Houston, TX. I'm trying to hang an LCD TV (about 72 lbs with TV and bracket combined), and I'm having serious trouble determining where the wall studs are.

Can anybody give me some insight on what type of walls I might have? The walls sound very solid, and the tapping technique doesn't seem to work to locate studs. The wall I want to use is an exterior wall.

My stud finder, which works perfectly in other, new houses, goes haywire on my walls. It doesn't detect any density changes in 16" or 24" intervals, and fails completely in corners and near window frames. I can't detect anything uninterrupted from floor to ceiling (so I'm not sure what's a stud and what's not).

Driving screws into any wall (from previous experience) can be very difficult, and drilling produces wood shavings in all cases I can remember. There was a hole in the drywall which I patched, and I remember that inside there seemed to be a series of horizontal boards, maybe 2x4s or so.

I've been looking for information on the construction in this neighborhood, and haven't turned up much. If anybody can give me some advice, I'd be very grateful. I'm going to buy a more powerful stud finder tomorrow and give it another try... Maybe it can find something deeper in the wall.

Re: What kind of wall? Built in 1931

One idea that occurs to me is that perhaps originally, the house interior was paneled, maybe knotty pine which was very popular in previous times. Later the owners tired of the look and covered over the boards with drywall or plaster.

Since everything is solid behind your walls, your stud finder doesn't work - or needs to? You have solid wood behind everything, so fasteners of any kind should be easy to attach.

Sean M.
Re: What kind of wall? Built in 1931

I think Plaster is probably right, what else could it be. I would check window frames and door frames to see if they have extension jambs on them, if they do, that might be a clue.

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