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What is it?

Do you know what this tool is? We're stumped!

Gilbert A. in Garland, Texas writes:

I watch TOH religiously and I have run into this tool at a flea market, but no one seems to know what it is . I work in the maintenance department for a manufacturing plant and none of the guys can seem to pinpoint the tool's use. Your help would be greatly appreciated!

A. Spruce
Re: What is it?

What I see is a clamp (black thumb screw on right side ) with a handle on the left that moves a cranked shaft up and down.. The cranked shaft has what looks like carbide/diamond cutter, possibly adjustable for different diameter holes. My guess is that this is used to cut round holes in tile before setting, or faucet holes in a granite counter top. I'm pretty certain that this is a carbide/diamond cutter for cutting masonry products, but just WHAT its purpose is, I am not sure.

Re: What is it?

I would think it's a hole cutter or scribe. Either that black bar rests on the edge or on a pipe depending if it's flat or if it's cupped or which way it's cupped.

Re: What is it?

I think it is a beer bottle capper.:D

Re: What is it?

can i borrow it? i have to drill some sense into my wife

chrissy d
Re: What is it?

it looks like a caulking gun or something

Moon Over My Hammy
Re: What is it?

Looks like it might be a means to tap a hole in the sidewall of pipe or the underside of a handrail for stiles. Manual crank driving power and a curved clamp/vice with a spring for setting in place before operating the crank like a drill press. Might be missing some U bolts,straps, or something similar to hold the tapping/drilling tool to the item being tapped.

If its not missing any thing might be a tool for boring a door blank for a lockset or pulling a cylinder from one. I'd investigate locksmith/safe tools first.

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