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"what is it?"

Hey guys, i'm not sure which episode just played today, but during the section where they try and guess what an unknown tools, they brought this garden device that you stick in the mud and face the top with the lend untop the plant, and it takes pictures, depending on the interval you set it too. Does anyone know what it's called officially? i would like to get a couple of them.

Re: "what is it?"

i was just about to post the same question. i would really like to know the name too!

Re: "what is it?"

This episode has not aired in my part of the country yet (Minnesota) and I suspect that it hasn’t aired in many other parts of the country yet. You might have some luck getting an answer in another week when the rest of the country will (probably) have seen this episode. Try reposting your question in about a week so it comes up in the “new posts” list.

Re: "what is it?"

I haven't seen the episode, but I have seen advertised in hunting catalogs a "game camera" with a motion detector that will take pictures of wildlife when you're not around. Some of these may have a time interval feature.

Blue RidgeParkway
Re: "what is it?"

It was ATOH not TOH Weston project. Same episode Richard (and Kevin) installed tankless propane water heater and Roger mudjacked a concrete sidewalk.

You're better off getting a National Geographic Wildlife Camera, for $50 weatherproof, water proof, can time lapse between 1 and 60 minutes instead of just 5 min cycle, plus set for motion detection and heat detection and even flash. If you want it on a stake, use the straps and get a $2 stake. If black color offends you DIY a green cover.

Its another use for a bird watching camera overpriced and company name will redirect you to malicous code site. If you don't find in a catalog you trust you have experience with ordering from don't. I wouldn't recommend searching on the web but if you must brinno gardenwatchcam garden watchcam or garden watch cam or garden watch camera. Gimmicked for the sucker market in cheap green case and stake - wasn't even offered complete with the memory card - don't waste your time or risk computer infection looking for it. Cheaper to diy or use a weatherproofed waterproofed fiberoptic or wireless spy cam or lipstick cam, cabled, wireless, or fiberoptic and use your computer to control lime lapse image.

worthy to consider:

and plenty of other options to do simple un-lit time lapse self-contained or remotely using your computer.

don't bother unless you can get your hands on it through a reliable resource and for less than $40 and only if you don't have to get a proprietary memory card.


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