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Re: What happened to This OLD House?

While I can appreciate many technical aspects of the Weston project, especially the contribution of Ted Benson, I feel that the project overall was far beyond the approach of the average home owner in the US, let alone the rest of the planet. This project was, in a word, ostentatious.
I certainly understand that we live in a world with many different, wants, needs and tastes, but it seems to me at a minimum, inappropriate, to spend our PBS dollars on such a self indulgent exercise, however beautiful some might think the end result might be.

I was very interested in the total cost of the project. I am guessing that the house with landscape cost 5 to 7 million.

The new technology is fascinating. but I truly believe that our time would be better spent on learning how to apply those same technologies in a more financially practical manner...

Re: What happened to This OLD House?
Re: What happened to This OLD House?
djohns wrote:

That's the point . You don't HAVE to outdo yourself . TOH had something good going and chose to morph into something MORE PROFITABLE . Who is paying their bills ? Not Joe the homeowner that's looking for advice on how to repair his plaster wall or rebuild his porch . It's the corporate sponsors selling high end windows and restaraunt quality appliances , etc . They are chasing the corporate dollars .

If you're going to change the direction of the show, why not change the name to This New House or This Green House. This way you don't confuse new viewer.

Re: What happened to This OLD House?

Name changed to 'this old money'

Re: What happened to This OLD House?

Agreed .:cool:


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