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Re: What happened to This OLD House?

The Weston project seems to be an exercise to see how many tons of raw materials can be consumed by one family. It's appalling. And now they are going to get a "Green" certification as well, what a joke. This Old House is definitely setting a bad example.

Re: What happened to This OLD House?

The lack of discussion of cost for any of the recent projects almost says to me that the show is embarrassed by the money thrown around and is trying to just ignore the issue. The recent episode where the Weston wife (wash your hair for god's sake) was testing out super high end kitchen appliance before she wrote the check, made me gag and I fast forwarded to the construction (thank you TiVo).

The scene with Tommy's brother putting up the corrugated tin was great. You could just see him trying not to just shrug his shoulders and mumble "rich folk; guess you can't buy taste."

Even the series a while back (last Steve show?) with Manchester by the Sea I think, the huge house with the piano room, was enjoyable because it was a renovation, celebrated a lot of craftsmanship (remember that front door detailing), and I think they even at least had the decency to tell the viewers that the homeowner had a lot of money and that it was an expensive renovation.

The later ones never say anything about the costs involved, except when someone will occassionally slip and mention a $5000 dishwasher, or some other uber-expensive bauble. It's depressing when these homeowners are spending more on their kitchen than my house is worth.

TOH, please get back in the real world, or at least just admit that you do high-end expensive work now and tell us poor folk to go watch ATOH.

Re: What happened to This OLD House?

After watching the 1/10 show and listening to the jargon that was being slung around, I figure it is only a matter of time before it becomes "this old politically correct house." I wonder if someone gave them a long list of words that they had to somehow fit into the script.

Re: What happened to This OLD House?

I'm sure I wasn't alone last summer as I enthusiastically watched the web cams for the Weston project on a daily basis. Timber frames just don't get any better than those by Bensonwood. Bensonwood certainly made life easier for Silva Bros.I started to lose interest,however as the interior work progressed.I watched the design/construction of beautiful top end cabinets before someone took a brick to the face of the doors to distress them. The look on Norm's face as this was done was priceless. Ditto for the company official that joked that they charged extra to beat up the interior paneling with what looked like a meat tenderizing hammer. I made it through the oriental furniture, the A&P sign and the Ford sign. The corrugated tin roofing for the bathroom wall,however, put me over the top! Obviously, the Favat's are the only ones who's opinions count,but the projected appeared to be getting schizophrenic. The previous comments of overdoing it with regard to Green and being Politically Correct were well founded.

Re: What happened to This OLD House?

Until happening on this discussion thread, I thought my dissatisfaction with the direction of the program was my own. 3,398 others who have viewed this thread convinced me otherwise.

THIS OLD HOUSE has become THIS GOLD HOUSE. My first clue that the show was moving in an unpleasant new direction was the renovation of the Greek Revival house and barn, whose budget (well over $1 million) appalled me nearly as much as the air time devoted to interior design. The ensuing Cambridge project only carried on the absurdity, and this Weston project has completed it for me. Sorry, but after being a faithful viewer for a quarter century (even through the painful Bob Vila years), I'll now have to be a discerning viewer. And I won't be viewing any more of these McMansion projects.

Re: What happened to This OLD House?

Since the days of Bob Villa I have enjoyed THO. But the last couple of projects require that I be a millionaire. Now, I am not saying that the new technology isnt fun, but is there anyone that knows the "KISS" principle? How bout an old house with a family of five who are over extended and dang do they need a renovation.
Weston 2008 - "BORING!!"

Re: What happened to This OLD House?

I could not agree more. Why is TOH putting up a new "wanna be" old house? I also could not understand why TOH would let the Favat's continue their obnoxious on camera interactions through out the show. These were definitely the most repulsive two home owners I have ever listened to and they dedicated additional episodes to them? Were these condescending people paying for the shows? If the Favat episode continues to run I will no longer watch the show. It completely turned me off and gave me very little knowledge about doing projects for the future.:mad:

Re: What happened to This OLD House?

Man,I love this thread. I've found my peeps. I agree with almost everything said previously. "This Gold House" is dead on. I was also thinking "Whoring for Plutocrats".
In another thread someone snooping county assessor records found that the family had taken out about 1.7 million in new mortgages in just the past year. The project budget for a home improvement show on public TV should not be a Dick Cheney level government secret. The show has become a celebration of wretched excess every bit as vile as shows from Robin Leach's Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous to MTV Cribs.
My jaw dropped when the owner started pointing out Stickley furniture in every corner as if she just gotten back from a sale at Ikea and then bragged about chopping up a heirloom oriental rug she had just inherited. It wouldn't even be so bad if the result wasn't a barn full of kitsch. The house warming could have been confused for the grand opening of a Lone Star Steakhouse, all they needed to do was crush peanut shells into the floor.
Okay, I'm through venting. I feel mach better.

Re: What happened to This OLD House?

I just don't understand what you people are complaining about. I was just thinking of adding a $1.5 mil addition with solar heat and wind turbine electric to my outhouse with a solid gold toilet that power washes you when your done.:D

Re: What happened to Thi jus s OLD House?

I agree with you guys. I have a house built in 1930. I have redone just about everything all over. but i have blown in insulation and not the foam, formica counter not granite and i built my own cabinets not custom built with oak or river bottom logs. i remember when you saw something that you could actually do on your own home. oh well, when i win the lottery i'll give them a call.


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