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Re: What Did They Use?
A. Spruce wrote:

Exactly, the float will be in the concrete section, not the tile section.

I went there but they did not have a green float. Just black and red. I'm assuming you are talking about a float like the one shown below. They did however have premixed stucco, so I bought a quart. When I got home I looked at it and to my (happy) surprise it looks VERY close to what was used in my garage. Since I am only repairing small sections (most are less that 1 foot square) I thought I'd experiment with other ways to apply it, since HD didn't carry the float. I'm going to try using some foam sandpaper like THIS. It comes in different textures so I should be able to mimic what is on the walls, although I may have to thin it out a little.


When it comes time to paint, put at least one good coat of primer over the area before you apply your top coat, this will help to lessen the shadow you'll get between the previously painted surface and the new work.

THANKS for the tip. I will get some primer for that :)

A. Spruce
Re: What Did They Use?

You might get that premixed stucco to work, but it's pretty unruly, especially when it dries. If you don't get it applied the way you like when you apply it, get it off before it dries or you'll have a serious mess on your hands, that stuff won't come off.

Personally, I'd stick with drywall compound and course sand, much more workable, you can use grout sponges, and it is super easy clean up whether it is wet or dry.


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