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Re: What is this clamp on the gas line for, and do I need it?

Thanks for clarifying that. When the dryer got installed, the delivery folks installed a yellow (somewhat flexible line between the rigid gas pipe and the appliance.

Mastercarpentry wrote:

If you've got the yellow-covered line, you're OK- ditto for copper or black pipe. If it is corrugated galvanized steel, then you need to bridge across it with a heavy ground wire or switch to another type. The corrugated lines have been known to have pinholes burned through them with lightning strikes on power lines and with spike-type power surges as the electrical current passes through them seeking the best ground, which is often the gas pipe itself. The 4th wire 'cabinet ground' on newer 240V outlets only partially compensates for that since it can be less-well grounded than miles of buried metal gas pipe. This shouldn't be news to anyone, though it's been about 3 years since I heard of it so I can't reference anything on it at the moment. I imagine google will have something on it.

All I will run anymore is flared soft copper which will handle any electrical current it will ever see under any circumstances short of a lightning strike directly on the line itself, and it might even handle that.



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