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What can/should I grow by the dryer vent?

Our dryer vent is in a conspicuous area at the rear of our house, almost right beside the hose bib. I'd like to have plants in the area but am concerned about the heat from the vent. Any recommendations for what to grow there or how much space I should give the vent? I don't want to totally close off the area as it isn't spacious and I need access to the hose bib regularly (plus the vent occasionally). The area is partial sun (less than more).



Re: What can/should I grow by the dryer vent?

How about some tropical plants that are known to survive in your climate zone? Ontario... not sure what that would be!

Re: What can/should I grow by the dryer vent?

I am no plant expert but what plant would not like warm moist air?

Re: What can/should I grow by the dryer vent?

I can tell you from first hand (expensive) experience that lots of plants don't like to be in front of the dryer vent. Especially woody perennials. I've lost a couple of nice boxwoods and several other varieties of flowering shrubbery.

I'm not sure why, but the heat of the air coming out of the vent tends to dry them out and kill them for sure. It could be that they stay exposed during the winter months (heat melts the snow and leaves them exposed), or that the heat itself does the damage. Either way, anything that doesn't die back to ground level in the winter has been killed at my house.

That being said, hostas I have nearby that also get the heated air do just fine.

The plants I've lost are approximately 5 feet from the duct.

Try a decorative rock in place of a plant or possibly in the air flow to dissipate the hot steamy air before it reaches any plants. Might do the trick.

Good luck! Tim

Re: What can/should I grow by the dryer vent?

Thanks for the suggestions. I think the best solution might be to lay a stone path to the hose bib and vent for access and as a buffer for plants. Then maybe I'll try some containers flanking it. I've noticed the soil in front of the vent is perpetually dry, and I try not to use the dryer much in the nice weather. I hadn't even thought about the lack of snow cover in winter. I do have a dogwood growing within a few feet (the variegated, red-branched kind) and it seems to be thriving. Maybe I'll just plant another one!

Thanks again!


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