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What are these? ( Cast Iron Pipe Outside)

So with the recent purchase of my new home. I've been digging deep into the In's and Out's of my home and knowing everything there is to know about it.

While doing some MAJOR Landscaping cleanup, I came across (2) Cast Iron Pipes on the outside of my foundation. They stick up from the ground about 8-10ins.

Now, from what I've read ******, these were down spout drains that hook into the local Sewer system for the Town. ( I live in MA)

1. Do I have to worry about Sewer Gas/ Waste coming up from these pipes? They are currently uncapped.

2. Are they even legal to use anymore? ( I need to put gutters on the house) and I'm planning out the Downspouts.

Because I'm a new user I can't post pictures yet, but I'll update it with a picture as soon as I can.

I've tried to see what information I could find about these for the MASS area but I can only find information for other states so far.

A. Spruce
Re: What are these? ( Cast Iron Pipe Outside)

Unless you've only got two places on the house where downspouts could go, and these pipes are located in those spots, then it could be possible that they're downspout leads.

More than likely they are clean-outs for the drain system on the house, which should be capped (rubber cap with a pipe clamp ). Their location will tell you more about what they are than anything else.

Re: What are these? ( Cast Iron Pipe Outside)

You could check with other homeowners on your block. They may have the same sort of pipes outside their foundations. Chances are the builder of your home also built many others in your neighborhood and generally speaking, many of the features would be the same.

Check with you local building inspector as to whether they are still ok to use.

Re: What are these? ( Cast Iron Pipe Outside)

If you wish pictures posted e-mail them to me [email protected] Put TOH Pics in the subject line and include your TOH user name.

If the are for downspouts and connected to the sewer line, most jurisdiction forbid that now days to keep the sewer system from being overloaded with rain water .


MLB Construction
Re: What are these? ( Cast Iron Pipe Outside)

i'm in mass and i see them all the time. alot of them are still in use. they cannot be legally hooked into the sewer system anymore. if you have them there you can still use them but they cannot be installed from scratch. they are on the exterior of your house so there's no need to worry about sewer gas. most of them are just left "as is". if they are a bother to you, you can dig around them and cut them off below grade and cap them. other than that, either use them, ignore them, cap them or cap them below grade.

Re: What are these? ( Cast Iron Pipe Outside)

Check with your local building department. Some cities run smoke test and require them to be disconnected.


Re: What are these? ( Cast Iron Pipe Outside)

Yes, they are disconnected currently and I was pretty sure that's what they were for.

this is part of a bigger project of putting gutters on my house and directing the water away from it, because during heavy rain fall, I get water in my basement due to hydrostatic pressure.

Thank you all.

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