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What about Mothers?

The subscription to TOH was mine, not his. He does like tools for gifts, and big ones. He would like a boom truck for fathers' day. I, the wife, mother, and owner of the lumber yard, would like a corner plane like the one I saw Norm A. use long ago in an episode of New Yankee Workshop. I've seen one in TOH mag, too. Wonder how I can get my jobber to carry them in the warehouse? :rolleyes:

Re: What about Mothers?

Just make sure that he can see it from the boom truck and hope for the best at Mother's Day.

Re: What about Mothers?

On Mother's Day, we'll have you covered. No worries!

Re: What about Mothers?

On Father's day I get a new tool. I used to think that was her just being a supportive wife, now I think that serves an ulterior motive.:)

Re: What about Mothers?

This is not cool!! Guess I'm gonna have to demand equal rights for Mothers and ask for our own Mothers day link.

I might be a woman but I have to use tools to do some of my own repairs on my home. I also have my own list of tools that I would love to have but my grown sons would just come over and "borrow" them and I'd never see them again. Think I'll paint all my things pink to keep them away. In fact, why don't the tool companys make pink tools for women?? I'll bet lots of women would buy them.

Yes, my sons accuse me of putting on my makeup and fixing my hair before I let the men in the neighborhood see me doing my own repairs on my home, but really it's that I don't want their wives seeing me looking bad!!:cool: I'm just independent and when I was growing up my Daddy was a builder and I learned lots of things from him, plus I learn by just reading or watching something being done on t.v. so all that has really paid off for me.
O.K. on to my next project, kitchen cabinets or bathroom floor or vinyl siding or roofing? :D

Re: What about Mothers?

I think women doing hands on home improvement projects rock! Would be great to have some help.

Re: What about Mothers?

Agreed - you can have whatever you want for Mother's day :)

Re: What about Mothers?

Mother is the most lovable entity in this world

Re: What about Mothers?

Haha this is hilarious.

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