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What is 7/8" Pex pipe?

I need to relocate a run of Pex tubing that's marked as 7/8". From what I've found is that it might be a tubing with 3/4" ID and 7/8" OD. Is this correct? Will the 3/4" fittings that my local Lowes has work with this tubing?

I need to plan ahead on this since once I cut the tubing, there's not going back.

Re: What is 7/8" Pex pipe?

I have never seen PEX marked 7/8". That doesn't mean that some isn't. You are correct in that 3/4" PEX is 7/8" OD. But I believe that the ID is smaller then 3/4". If it is 7/8" OD the fittings should fit.


Re: What is 7/8" Pex pipe?

Would you happen to have in-floor heating? That size is used for heating and should say so on the side.

Re: What is 7/8" Pex pipe?

No in-floor heating. This pipe is the incoming line in the house and connects to/from the water heater to the Manabloc manifold.

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