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Re: What the???
A. Spruce wrote:

It's nice when common sense kicks in, it would be nice if more establishments had them. Good stories, even if they're about the Borg, are always welcomed and appreciated.

I second that motion.
The only reason I was there was for troffer lights. My local supplier will not match Lowes price nor even come close.
It is hoot to watch people load all the items they buy without any store help!!!! One area of many those big boxes can improve on.

A. Spruce
Re: What the???
jkirk wrote:

anyhow, my only other fear, everyone elses complaints might overload the toh server and crash it do to an overload

As much as I love TOH and wouldn't want to see anything detrimental happen to it, overloaded servers would be a small price to pay to get folks to quit shopping at Evil Orange. Of course, pigs will have learned to fly and we'll have world peace by that time so it would be a moot point anyway. :D:D

A. Spruce
Re: What the???

I found a complaint forum a few weeks ago that said that EO tosses all their scrap lumber, old cabinet displays, etc and forbids the employees, transients, or anyone else from dumpster diving. Sad to know how much waste goes to the landfill when it could find a home somewhere else.

A. Spruce
Re: What the???
asc2078 wrote:

Once a store has no competition, they don't have to provide any service.

That is the way of the Borg.:rolleyes:

A. Spruce
Re: What the???
asc2078 wrote:

I am not to familiar with that area but this store was located on Rt. 40, a few miles West of Ellicott City,MD. It was called Clarks Ace Hardware. If you are ever working in that area and need something, I would highly recommend it.


Ace has always been a place to get service with your needs, something that they advertised (remember the John Madden commercials?), even before the Borg invaded. I think now, that is their niche, their incomparable service in the sea of incompetent Borg retailers. Don't get me wrong, there are other suppliers with equal service as Ace, but they are getting fewer and further between.

Re: What the???
asc2078 wrote:

I was also thinking that if the Big-Box-Boys, would hire some good people and spend a little time training them, all the stores could be like this. DB

Sing along if you like.......

Somewhere...over the rainbow....... :D

As Sprucey said.......This is the way of the Borg. Once they have smothered all the local competitors......there is NO reason to play well or play nice. (Why pay a knowledgable staff more when minimum wage staff can stock the shelves? The lowest common denominator rules at the borg.)

The borgs have been about the business of acquiring monopolies for a long, long time now. And in an unimpeded fashion, I might add. Something is seriously wrong/broken. We supposedly have anti-trust laws in this country, but how often are those brought to bear these days? Can you spell.... lobbyists? Can you spell......lawyers? Let's try an easier word/concept......money.

The term monopoly (from Greek mono (μονό), alone or single + polο (πωλώ), to sell) can bear two main definitions:

In Economics, monopoly (also "Pure monopoly") exists when a specific individual or enterprise has sufficient control over a particular product or service to determine significantly the terms on which other individuals shall have access to it.

[1] Monopolies are thus characterized by a lack of economic competition for the good or service that they provide and a lack of viable substitute goods.

[2] Alternatively (a modern and less common usage), it may be used as a verb or adjective to refer to the process (see Monopolism) by which a firm gains persistently greater market share than what is expected under perfect competition. The latter usage of the term is invoked in the theory of monopolistic competition. - wikipedia

Competition law, known in the United States as "antitrust law", has three main elements:

prohibiting agreements or practices that restrict free trading and competition between business entities. This includes in particular the repression of cartels.

Banning abusive behaviour by a firm dominating a market, or anti-competitive practices that tend to lead to such a dominant position. Practices controlled in this way may include predatory pricing, tying, price gouging, refusal to deal and many others.

Supervising the mergers and acquisitions of large corporations, including some joint ventures.
Transactions that are considered to threaten the competitive process can be prohibited altogether, or approved subject to "remedies" such as an obligation to divest part of the merged business or to offer licences or access to facilities to enable other businesses to continue competing. - wikipedia

Judging from the landscape I see today, I suspect the future won't be any rosier.

Re: What the???

Resistance is futile!

Re: What the???

I don’t want to be the snickers bar in the pool of the feel of this thread…. If you know what I mean……………..

But, are you other contractors really that dependant on the big box stores? I’m sure not. Okay, I sent a guy over to a big box this morning to pick up some recessed cans and trims because the ones that were specified would not fit. That’s the exception not the rule. 99.9% of what I buy is via email, fax or phone to, for the most part, great wholesalers.

If I do shop at a big box I view it more as a clearing house that has the product on the shelf that I need. About the only thing I ask anyone working there is the location of an item. I have never sought the advice on installation, of any given item I’ve purchased, from any employee. (Okay, for fun I’ve asked some really off the wall electrical questions just to see what kind of reply I would get……… Pretty funny replies for the most part. IMHO they would have been better off to say “I don’t know.”) I try and do my homework before I get there………… Isn’t that what the internet is for? LOL.

Don’t know how it is for other trades but I can not imagine being dependant on a big box as a source of supplies for any construction business.

Re: What the???
kentvw wrote:

I don’t want to be the snickers bar in the pool of the feel of this thread…. If you know what I mean……………..

If I do shop at a big box I view it more as a clearing house that has the product on the shelf that I need. About the only thing I ask anyone working there is the location of an item. I have never sought the advice on installation, of any given item I’ve purchased, from any employee.

That would be a Baby Ruth bar! :eek:

Anyway, I agree with you. I was surprised to see the number of posts related to bad experiences at the big box only because I didn't think contractors would go there frequently.

I don't do this stuff for a living like others here do, I only get into weekend jobs for friends / family / church / myself, but I only go there as a last resort if other places are closed. I just hate the load the lumber on the cart routine rather than driving to the pile and loading into the truck. I never, ever place a special order from there since I have no confidence it will come in correctly and end up delaying the project. I make sure I know exactly what I want and how to use it if I buy it there.

Someone I did work for bought their Andersen 400 windows from there (standard size that was in stock), but they opened a charge account and got a worthwhile discount and since the store was in DE, no sales tax.

Re: What the???

In my area we have a fabulous place called Charlie's Farm & Home. We figure that if they don't have something it doesn't exist. haha!

I went in for some replacement flexible foam insulation for my air conditioner line into the house, and surprise! they didn't have it. THe man was very kind and helpful, told me where to go to get it, (yes, EO was the closest), and exactly what to look for, & how it should look.
So I went to the orange box. Some kid showed me rigid foam something or other, but i was savvy enough to know that wasn't what I needed, thanks to the helpful man at Charlie's. So I explained it again and he didn't know, got some older man who looked at the kid with disbelief and took me straight to the stuff. And he said i'd need the putty, too (same as Charlie's guy did), showed me that stuff and even got it down for me & told me how to use it. Except for the idjet kid, that was a good experience - I've had a few of them at EO.

However, that having been said, here's something I bet none of you fellas have had to hear.. 'A little bitty thing like you shouldn't have to worry about that! Why don't you just send in your husband and I'll help him'. Upon my icy reply that I was doing the task, he said, 'don't you have a boyfriend or brothers?' He must have thought I was the dumbest thing alive(or was using the lamest pick-up lines ever!:rolleyes:) and I just wanted to push him into the plumbing pipes.
I went to the manager. Not only did he not put much stock in my complaint, they didn't have what I needed - out of stock and on back-order. :mad:
What in the world is 'back-order?!? Does it mean that someone forgot to order it or that the order simply hasn't been delivered to the store, or that the order was made in China and is tied up in a port somewhere, waiting for clearance?
Oh, by the way, that jerk was still working there.
Now we have a brand new Lowe's, only a year old. Which is where I'm headed today to get some flowers and a can of fix-a-flat for my tractor so i can mow.


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