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What the?

Just went to remove the handles from my tub to lube and install new washers. It has been quite a while since I've done this and I'm finding that once the screw is removed from the center of the unit, the damn handle will not come off. I'm assuming it is corroded on.
I’ve tried tapping with a hammer and shaking it. Won’t budge.
Any suggestions on how to get these @*^(% things off?

Re: What the?

Two methods come to mind. One is to insert the screws in three full turns only. That should leave a gap between the handle and the head of the screw. If it doesn't, then you will need to get longer screws with the same thread dia and pitch.

Then pull on the handle and tap the head of the screw with a small hammer, lightly. After a few taps, the handle should pop out to the head of the screw. Then remove the screw and pull off the handle.

Another method is to get a small, two jaw pulley puller from an automotive supply store or maybe from the tool department of your hardware store. Your hardware store may carry a specialized puller for this application, but I can't remember seeing one, but then I have never looked for one either. The tapping the screw head has always worked for me.

Re: What the?

BTW, even lightly tapping the screws may damage the heads if they are brass or other soft metal so be prepared to buy new ones. If you don't engage at least three threads with the screw, you could damage the threads in the faucet so get longer screws if necessary.

When you replace the handles, try using a teflon pipe thread sealant over the ends of the shaft. If you don't have that, then a silicone grease or an anti-seize compound should work. The problem with an anti-seize compound is that it will show through a clear faucet handle though.

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