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Wet walls and ceiling

We have a problem with drops of condensation on the ceilings. We have a new roof and siding, vented soffits. We have gone up into the attic and pulled back the insulation so the vents are not covered.
What is causing this and how do we correct it>:confused:

Re: Wet walls and ceiling

Could be many things. Might be an easy fix or a hard to find one. Here are my thoughts: 1) Check any leaking pipe that might be above that area, 2) Is it worse when it rains? Only when it rains? During winter when the temp warms up (melting snow)? 3) Is that room generating high humidity? Maybe you need a vent to exhaust the moisture. 4) I'd go up in the attic and look directly above the ceiling: standing water, moldy, is there a pool of water coming from somewhere else? Hope this helps. Good luck. It's not easy to find the problem but well worth the effort!

Re: Wet walls and ceiling

as benson said it could be a number of things. it could be something as simple as the vapor barrier. the direction of the paper on the insulation depends upon where you live. in the north where you heat more months of the year than run air, the vapor barrier would be toward the living space. on the other hand if you are in south florida where you run your air more than the heat then the vapor barrier should be away from the living space. the problem arises when you are someone in between these two areas. to be sure for your area contact the local building code enforcment office, they would be glad to tell you which would be preferable. but for most of the country it is generally barrier towards the living space. make sure the insulation is properly fitted (no gaps between the wood and the insulation)
a good home inspector could also be of assistance in this area

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