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Wet space by entry door

I have a wet space by main entrance. There is also whitish stuff on the brick. It seems like water leakage. Can you any one assist me how I can trouble shoot where the water is coming from. Some time is dry and other time it is wet. Any idea

Thank you

Re: Wet space by entry door

Without having more information it is hard for me to nail it down but I will offer you what I can. The white stuff on your brick is called efflorescence. It is the result of moisture seeping through the stone (or brick or mortar) where it collects different salts like calcium and then is deposited on the exterior when the moisture evaporates away. This is a telltale sign of the presence of moisture. If it is on your exterior brick it means that you have water inside trying to get out.

Moisture problems are often very difficult to diagnose because many things could be the culprit and the damage can appear far from the source. That being said, you can attack this problem with a bit of a scientific approach. You said it is sometimes dry and sometimes wet. Your answer will most likely be found in determining when it is wet and when it is not. If it is wet following rainy days you know the original source comes from that. Other possibilities would be condensation on pipes, leaky pipes. Once you determine the "when" you can figure out the "why".

Also remember the nature of water is to travel the path of least resistance. Keep that in mind as you try to determine the source. My recommendation is to thoroughly inspect your exterior for any cracks, holes, or damaged shingles. Repair them all and see what happens. Sometimes a small hole can cause a lot of damage. But you don't necesarily need which one is the troublemaker. Finally, there are products at your home center that will help you clean off the efflorescence once you have fixed the problem.

I hope that helps. Good luck.

Re: Wet space by entry door

Pics would likely be helful.

If the wetness is on the floor inside (I suspect that's what you mean)....then post pics from both the inside and from the outside of the door.

Re: Wet space by entry door

I agree with the above posters pictures would be helpful and I think the the white stuff on your brick is efflorescence as the poster Cut2XMeasure1X said. In addition to checking your roof for leaks, which I suggest you do with binoculars unless you feel safe going on your roof, You should also check your gutters. Gutters while great things can also do a great deal of damage to your house in one year. Often times people forget to clean their gutters or don't have the money to have someone clean them for them. A regular gutter that doean't have a shield over it or is made with the shield built in is big trouble waiting to happen especially if they are not regularly cleaned. So I would look over your gutters very carefully and if you see leaves sticking up or holes in your gutter there is your culprit and in the case of the leaves clean or get the leaves cleaned out. While doing the cleaning do a thorough inspection for holes. You can patch the holes and the patch will last for a long time usually but even the best patch will not last forever and then it is time for new gutters.
I have the Leaf Guard brand that was used on one This Old House project. I was so impressed by the segment that we bought the Leaf Guard gutters for our house. Later on in a house that we rent that used to be my grandmothers house we were having water in the basement and were wondering where it was coming from. The culprit was the gutter and once we replaced the gutters we haven't had any problems since. So keep that in mind in case you ever have water in your basement too. Good luck!:)

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