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Wet Paint-Brush OverNight Storage Trick

I REALLY HATE cleaning Paint-Brushes when I know that tomorrow
I will be using the SAME Brush with the same color paint.

I also REALLY HATE getting paint on my hands.

So I bought a $5 box of 100 count XL-Latex-Exam-Gloves at the ********.
(Don't buy Small or Medium.)

So now when I am done painting for the day,
I take the paint brush in my right hand and put the brushes over the
fingers of my right hand, like I was going to paint my fingers.

Then I hold the Paint-Brush with my Right-Thumb over my Right-Painted-Fingers.

I let go of the Paint-Brush handle with my Left-Hand.

I take my Left-Hand and grab the Collar of the Latex-Glove over my Right-Wrist
and I pull the Glove inside-out over my Right-Hand and over the
Wet-Bristles with paint on them.

Its a little tricky, so use XL-Latex Gloves.
Buy the CHEAP ones that come 100 per box.
You have to .wrestle a little with the Bristles at both ends of the Brush,
but I always get them covered-up with the old-glove.

You can double-wrap the brush with your other glove,
but one glove is enough to keep a brush wet for a week.

A $5 dollar box of gloves has saved me LOADS of time.
I wish I had discovered this 30 years ago.

Doing this, I have NEVER gotten paint on my hands.
I like the powdered-gloves.

Its a little-easier if you cup the bristles in the palm of your hand
while pulling the collar of the glove over them.


Also when I do ANYTHING .that needs gloves, I now always put on
the powdered latex-gloves first, as a liner. My canvas heavy-duty gloves come on
and off much faster. And If I am wearing light-duty cotton-gloves
and they get wet, the latex-liner-gloves keep my hands dry.

And if they get dirty, I just wash them with soap and water while wearing-them,
then hang them out to dry.

(The wife wouldn't let me put them into the washing-machine anyway,)

& Ronderful-Wenovating to All of You.

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