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Wet Basement

My exterior drainage system is clogged. Someone recommended that I get an interior water management system. Currently when it rain, water enter my basement where the wall and floor meets. Any and all help is appreciated.

Re: Wet Basement

I would do everything you can to fix the problem from the outside, rather than the inside.

Your area may require some different techniques, however here is a quick sketch of the steps.

Wherever possible dig down to the footer and replace the clogged line, run it to daylight if possible of a pump driven dry well, re-parge and/or coat the basement wall if necessary, backfill with round stone, not packing it tightly to allow for drainage to the drain line. The soil around the house should pitch away from the house, downspouts should empty about 4-6 feet away from the house at least.

There was a great, detailed post on this very topic on the old TOH discussion board. This is the cliff notes version as I did not copy and save it and it has since been deleted from the old board. Hopefully the same poster is browsing the new board and can offer a better description.

Re: Wet Basement

The diagram/site below was previously posted on the older TOH site; it shows the location of the drain tile (french drain).

These tiles often lead to a drywell which has a cover just below the yard's surface & thus allow access to the outflow of the french drain; it's often possible to run a garden hose with a jet spray attachment on it gradually thru the drain tile to remove the mud/blockage & get the drain going again.

Otherwise, it's a backbreaking task to excavate the length of the foundation & replace the entire drain.

Landscaping fabric or a filter "sock" has to be installed over the perforated drain pipe to prevent soil particles from washing in & clogging the drain pipe.


Re: Wet Basement

Just a little add on to Jacks post.
You can buy the "sock" already installed on the perforated pipe.

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