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Went to insulate found walls are full of brick now what?

I own a 4 bedroom, former stage line inn house built in 1810. The old stage line developed over the years to become a 4 lane noisy US highway. Since buying my home I have long wanted to redo the interior in the bedrooms and upgrade insulation, electric and noise integrity in the process. My plan was: 1. to strip the primitive plasterboard that has ages of wallpapers and paint layers that are curled and cracked beyond rescue. 2. Rerun electric and get rid of wire mold on the base boards. 3. Fill the walls with closed cell spray foam 4. Finish walls with quietrock to help shut out the highway. The bedrooms are on the second floor in the 4 corners with a central landing in the middle. So as I dug into the wall in the Guinea pig first room I was shocked to find brick inside of the exterior facing walls. As the attached photos show the brick is a single layer pieced in between studs and main structural beams like facia or the original walls of the 1810 house. As the pic shows, while antique and primitive, the house is frame construction. So now the ?s. Upon this discovery I have stalled the project to collect knowledge . Some say pull the brick and proceed as planned. Some have said pulling the brick may be catastrophic and cause the structure to relax and crack all the plaster on the first floor. Another opinion was to put half inch foil coated foam board in the minimal gap that remains between the brick and the stud surfaces to which the quietrock will be anchored and foil tape the seams. Doing this at least I would at least be getting a draft tight vapor barrier while only achieving piddly R3 insulation value. So TOH any suggestions,ideas,opinions?

Much appreciated
Erik Molitor
North Brunswick NJ

Re: Went to insulate found walls are full of brick now what?

Non-structural bricks were used to line the exterior walls in some pre-1900 wood frame buildings primarily an air infiltration or wind barrier, possibly as "insulation" or for thermal mass, and possibly as a "sound proofing" method.

If you wish to insulate the bricks will need to be removed.

You can find more info here http://www.inspectapedia.com/insulation/Brick_Lined_Walls.php


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