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Well Pumping Sediment

My well recently started pumping large amounts of sand and mud through the pipes. I have a well that has been in use for many years and it has always pumped a little sediment, but never as much as it has been these last couple weeks. The water will be running clear one minute, then after a while of usage, the water will turn to mud. I recently installed a spin-down filter and that is having no effect on the purity of my water whatsoever. I am clueless as to what would be causing this situation so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Josh

Re: Well Pumping Sediment

Wells do fill with sediment over time and need to be pumped out with a trash pump. You might check the water level in the well, you may be able to raise the pump above the bottom and reduce or eliminate the pick up of the sediment.

Re: Well Pumping Sediment

Thank you, I am having a plumber come out and he is going to pull out one section of pipe so hopefully that will do the trick. Thanks for the help.

Re: Well Pumping Sediment

There could be a break in he well. How big diameter and how deep? A video of the well will tell if there is a bereak or the screened section is worn through. Air lifting the well will pull all the sluff out and eventually it will fill in again. If you have to re-drill, make sure you construct an engineered well with slott size measured with a filter pack and computed by the seive analysis of the lithology.

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