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well problems

Hi I am a new homeowner and my home is on a well. When i do laundry my water pressure is low and it spits and takes a little while fill back up. Here are some of the things that I have been told; water pump is fine, am on a high water table, had the screen of the well cleaned in Nov'09, that I am on a spring (has nothing to do with the well, however letting you know I have alot of water in my land, my sump pumps run constantly), am on a high water table, that I may need a new well. My home was built in '58, was told it is the orginial well. I also have very good water, no softner, some iron but good water. I have alot of sand in my dirt. Not sure of what info to give you. When do you know if you need a new well. It all seems like a guess on what the problems could be. Thank you

Re: well problems

What equipment do you have? A deep well submersible pump or a shallow well above ground pump? Do you have a bladder tank or just an expansion tank? Is the check valve at the well head or in the house?

If you have an expansion tank it may be water logged. If you have a bladder tank it may not be properly precharged or the bladder may be bad.

Spiting is usually cause by air entering the system. This can indicate a leak in the line between the pump and the check valve it can also be an indication that the bladder tank or expansion tank is water logged.

Generally a well only needs to be replace if the casing is disintegrating or the well has filled with sediment. Both cases you would most likely have dirt in the water.


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