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Well Pressure tank placement

Does it matter where in the water system that the pressure tank and well pressure switch are located? I have seen in most homes the pressure switch and tank at the place where the water enters the house from the well. In my home the water enters into the garage, through a sediment filter, through the water softner and then on into the house. My pressure tank and switch are located in my basement on the opposite end of my house past 2 bathrooms,my laundry room and kitchen. I've never had great water pressure and I am curious if the location of the switch and tank could be part of the problem. My switch is a 30/50 and I recently put 28 PSI in the pressure tank it was 22 PSI. Adding the air pressure did help slightly. Thanks for any info!!

Re: Well Pressure tank placement

The location of the tank shouldn't matter too much, providing the pipe between the pump (which I assume is submersible, in the well) and the tank is large enough. It should be at least 1" nominal size the whole way, 1-1/4" would be better.

The pressure switch should be located within 10 linear feet of the tank and connected directly to the main line. Any further and you can get false stops & starts.

Re: Well Pressure tank placement

I appreciate the info. I thought it would work as long as the pressure tank and switch were connected to the main line. The largest line in my house is 3/4 though. My next problem is my water softner guy said water could back flow while the softner is regenerating causing problems with the softner. Which makes sense to me with water coming from the pressure tank until the submersible pump kicks on. I think I'm going to have to move the pressure tank and switch. He suggested : Water in from well > pressure tank > pressure switch > T off for my outside spigots > sediment filter > Water softner > water into house. Thanks again. Any more info or suggestions is greatly appreciated.

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