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Weeds Everywhere

I've been tackling varied weeds over the years with varied expensive chemicals for each and every weed. I have a huge yard that I want to give the appearance of a golf course and I'm failing up to this point. The more I kill these weeds in one area the more they continue to grow in other areas.

My continuous treatments of chemicals for the weeds, fertilizing the property, aerating, De-thatching and an irrigation system simply are not improving my lawn.

I'm at the point of getting estimates to have bluegrass sod installed throughout my entire property. The cost of a 15,000 sq. foot sod installation is in the $10,000.00 range. Do you have a better solution short of applying expensive sod to my property?

Re: Weeds Everywhere

Applying sod is only a temporary answer. Before long, weeds will come up through the new sad and your problem will be back.

You maybe inadvertently aiding your weeds. Watering, fertilizing, aerating and de-thatching is as helpful to the weeds as it is to the grass.

To reduce the weeds, you need to be using the best grass for your area. For this you will need to consult with a local garden center. This is the best time of the year for overseeding with a more desirable grass if needed. If you already have the most desirable grass, then you need to tend to its environment, the faster and denser it grows, the harder it is on the weeds.

If you are lawn is Bermuda grass, the best fertilizer is Ammonium Nitrate (34-0-0) or Urea Nitrate (46-0-0), but these are getting difficult to purchase because they are primary ingredients used by terrorists. You don't need very much, 50 pounds will do your property. You also need to lime the lawn to bring the pH up to about 7-7.5 range. Grass grows on nitrogen, the other components just feed the weeds.

Set your lawn mower to cut about 2.5 inches high and mow twice a week. This lets the grass smother the weeds before the weeds get to far above the grass.

Now for the tedious part, spraying the weeds. First rule, do not overspray the whole lawn. This sets back the grass almost as much as the weeds. Mix your desired chemical as directed, put it into a pump type sprayer, not a garden hose sprayer, and set the nozzle to stream. Then go around and spray each weed individually. Spray about two hours before mowing where the weeds are more visible and you cover more leaf area.

With all this, it will take two to three years to knock down most of the weeds. Then you will have to be on watch all the time, but the weeds won't be as bad. If you live in an area where there is a lot of naturalized acreage around you, i.e. wetlands, you will be fighting weeds all the time as new seeds will be constantly blowing into your yard. You can fight this with a pre=emergent herbicide. A pre-emerge will only affect seedlings, not an established plant like the grass, or established weeds for that matter. But it does cut down on the total amount of labor.

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