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Weed Control on a Stone Driveway


I hope this is the correct forum. If it is not, I'd appreciate being pointed in the right direction.

We have a 700-foot stone driveway that was installed in 2002/2003. It consists of a gravely base, fabric, and bluestones on top. While weed control has always been a problem, it has been insignificant. Up and down the driveway spraying with some vinegar twice a year did the trick. However, heavy rains this year have turned the driveway into a "jungle" that has to be mowed!

My question is: are there any permanent or long-term solutions to weed control that do not require spraying a driveway with chemicals? I'm considering experimenting with cement dust to perhaps solidify the driveway a little and close the gaps where the weeds grow.

Please let me know what you think...

Walter Yund

A. Spruce
Re: Weed Control on a Stone Driveway

You might look into a weed torch. We have animals, so herbicides don't get used around here. This is a link to the torch that I bought with some general thoughts on the subject.

Weed Torch

Re: Weed Control on a Stone Driveway

Sprucey .... I can see the "kid" has your eyes. :D

A. Spruce
Re: Weed Control on a Stone Driveway
canuk wrote:

Sprucey .... I can see the "kid" has your eyes. :D

Maybe, but that doesn't explain why she has your legs. :eek::p:p

I need to update that web page, as the contact info has changed. As far as an update on the weeds, the girls (refer to the above link, you'll understand ... ) pretty much take care of the majority of fresh green growth, and there is a marked drop in the few weeds that they won't touch.

Re: Weed Control on a Stone Driveway

:) I pour table salt on the stem at the root or all along a crack with weeds and then pour boiling water on the salt. This isn't as corrosive as deicer or road salt and it seems to keep the weeds down without too much trouble. It works the best if it is a real warm day and no rain is expected for a couple days. This is not permanent but is way better than Roundup.

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