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101 in Salem, OR
Weatherstrip on latex

Good day all,
Anyone have thoughts/experience with removing weatherstrip adhesive from latex painred windows? The weatherstrip was sandwiched between the painted surface of the window and aluminum storm widow frames, so removing it by the strip is not an option. Many thanks in advance.

Re: Weatherstrip on latex


Try using a hair dryer to heat the tape residue. Most adhesives release when subjected to heat. A little rubbing with your finger usually gets the residue to "ball up". The hair dryer is not hot enough to scorch the paint. A heat gun would be a little faster, but might get it too hot.

Personally, I never caulked or used tape on my aluminum storm windows, even in a cold climate like Chicago's. The only way to properly paint a wooden window requires removing the storm window frame. The ease of removal is well worth the little extra heat that is lost. Most aluminum storm windows that I encountered as a painting contractor were over caulked. People would caulk the weep holes shut, or worse yet, caulk the whole bottom edge shut from the outside. Water trapped on the inside of the sill often caused rotted sills.

101 in Salem, OR
Re: Weatherstrip on latex

Many thanks Ordjen. Shall try it and report back.

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