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waterproofing shower

on a recent episode on the newton shingle syle house the showed us a paint like material that they painted right over the subfloor to waterproof the shower floor and they were saying that with this stuff you did not need a pan Does anybody know what that stuff is and the proper way to apply it???

Re: waterproofing shower

I think I would still use the pan. Or, go with a freestanding shower base.

Cap Duane
Re: waterproofing shower

The Episode #2712 is the Newton Project that Brian74399 refers to. I am also interested in the same stuff as I am in the middle of a shower stall rebuild. I have not been able to catch any brands or any thing in Home Depot. What is the "stuff" and does it work? Almost sounds too good to be true.

Re: waterproofing shower

I also missed the show because of local programming, and i would love to find out what that stuff was!

Re: waterproofing shower

I too am looking at this "paintable" liner. I saw a couple of products online... Overliner and Kemscreed where what I came across. The Overliner had a price quote of $120 for a 32x60 size kit. Let me know any other options.

Re: waterproofing shower

I've checked the products and services from this episode, and even though the membrane is mentioned in the description of the episode; the waterproof membrane is not listed in the products used :( :


.... back porch. In the master bath, Kevin finds tile contractor Joe Ferrante setting up for a major tile job – the first step is waterproofing the shower by using a paint-on, flexible, seamless, waterproofing membrane.

I would also like to find some. Copper has been the lining of choice for decades... But I'm willing to try something new. Especially if it works, is durable, and less expensive than copper.

I did find the following link in the TOH episodes topic... I'm looking into these:

Re: waterproofing shower
Re: waterproofing shower

I didnt see the show but if you tell me what color it was I could make a pretty good guess..Shower liners are a very important part of the shower . Chloralory from the Noble Co .was one of the first flexable liners (sheet membrane) used for showers introduced in 1964.It has a life time warrenty and is easy to work with. It is installed under a mortar bed like copper and other membranes. (copper is used only the the N.E)
A newer way of doing showers is with a surface applied membranes like what you were questioning.Surface applied membrane used for showers must meet the plumbing codes (check local code) and ANSI 118.10.These types of membranes can be in either sheet form or liquid /trowelable. For additionl info on constution of showers you might want to check out www.noblecompany.com .There are "how to videos under the TECH tab.

Re: waterproofing shower
catinthehack wrote:

here is a link to that company :)


3Q Very Much.

Re: waterproofing shower

that is not a paint on product. And the link is to a dealer not the Co. that makes it.

Carpenter Kent
Re: waterproofing shower

www.laticrete.com The product they used on the show is called Hydroban by Laticrete. It costs about $300 for a 5 gal pail and will cover 250 to 300 sqft. It can be brushed/rolled on but all of the joints and penetrations should have a gap of 1/8" or less. Anymore than 1/8" ant the product will sag and not seal properly. If anyone has any questions on this product I have used it before in may commercial applications and on my own personal walk in shower.

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