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Water Worries

Trying to move into an old house in Phila., PA. Property was vandalized, copper tubing removed from basement. After begging & borrowing we found someone to help. It looks like X-mas with red and white PVC's running across bsmt ceiling. Major problem with tying indoor pipes from basement to street. Pipes from street cannot be PVC. I didn't know PVC could be used, I've only seen copper or galvanized pipes. This is a row home on a narrow street with about 50 attached properties. I have COPD and cannot spend much time in bsmt. While I really appreciate the help with zero funds, faulting resporitory system of my own (COPD)and folks with incompatable brain cells trying to assist, I am pretty close to losing what's left of my mind! Please help. I may be reached at 215-475-0112-cell or e-mail. This 2-story, 3 bedroom approx. 1200 sq. ft house was built around 1920 or better. I have a real estate license so I am semi-educated regarding housing issues, however, I'm a 54 yr old divorced female, desperatly seeking BOB the plumber for my next husband!

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Re: Water Worries

i don't understand what your question is.

Re: Water Worries
mfree76 wrote:

I'm a 54 yr old divorced female, desperatly seeking BOB the plumber for my next husband!


Re: Water Worries


I know who you are looking for. Doesn't matter if he's BOB the plumber or JOE the plumber, as long as he's volunteering his time, he is the one you're looking for. Trouble is, he's no where to be found. You see, plumbers charge for services, and as a real estate licensee you know what it is.

If you want anything done to improve your home, you need money. No tradesman will work for nothing. Good luck.

Re: Water Worries

To mfree76: a 1920's row house in Philly that has been vandalized (very likely vacant) ? this is a project for a flipper w/ a rolodex of tradespeople, or a highly motivated person with either lots of time/energy or money, preferable both.

Your post suggests you don't have a plan (what needs to be done, who's going to do it, when is it going to be done, how much will it cost, and where is the money for it), and perhaps have a physical limitation that may get in the way of carrying out a plan.

There's a reason why you've given this "oportunity", either you found hidden value due to hard work or it's a sinkhole where angels fear to go.

You can't do a project like this on the internet, and those HGTV, DIY, TOH shows, well, they're artificial - - you don't get Tom Silva or Mike Holmes working on your house, or the 50% subsidy & skilled tradespeople that the shows provide to the lucky homeowners. And magazine articles showing off a rehab ?? the owners have a home building skill of some sort, or they're an "inside" couple (one is invariably an architect and the other a "designer" and have experience doing somebody else's rehab first before doing their own).

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