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Water, Water and more water

Hello everyone

I just bought a new house. I am discovering that neighbors on both sides of my house have their water running in my yard. One, coming from a water bump from her basement and the second coming out of his gutters. The problem is my house sits lower than both of the other houses and they have no way for the water from their houses to go any where. I do not want to start a bad relationship with neither of them, I guess I am looking for a solution because summer is coming and I am sure the mosquitoes will not give me a break.

Another question: How do you get rid of bamboo trees?

Thanks and have a great day.

Re: Water, Water and more water

I would suggest that you check with the city about this. (Am presuming you live in town, an incorporated area or similar where there are rules/regs concerning the discharge of rainwater, etc)

Around this area you are not allowed to dischrge this water toward your neighbor's property. It is a "violation". Now if doing so doesn't cause anyone any problems, then no one would likely make a fuss over it. However, if doing so does cause problems, then the "discharger" can usually be forced to alter the situation so this no longer occurs.

Sometimes this means they have to dig a sufficiently sized dry-well on their property and discharge into that. In other instances, they may be allowed to bury a discharge line that connects to the storm sewer. It all depends.

Yes, there are some instances where houses have been located literally in a valley, so to speak,.... the surrunding soil conditions of the "higher" neighboring houses are not absorbant (virtually all clay) so that a dry-well won't work.....and there is no storm sewer within reach either, without acquiring an easement thru a neighboring property. There are a few of these situations in a development about 10 miles from here. Unfortunately, there is no ideal resolution for some of these folks. Their backyards are simply the waterway for neighboring properties. IMO, those houses should never have been placed there, but developers frequently know how to "grease" the system and acquire permits to do things that are obviously unadvisable.

I understand not wanting to make waves with your neighbors, but if they become hostile over this situation and don't care about the problems it causes you.....then you may as well find out what they are made of right now. If they won't do anything voluntarily, then you may have to bring forces to bear.

Re: Water, Water and more water

I'm with gold on this one
this may be one of those situations that you might never be happy with. water is always going to run down hill.
in this area they have rules that you can't change the natural flow of water run off, for some reason this only seems to deal with residential. because they sure require a lot of holding ponds around here for commercial. in some situations they will allow you to build berms along your property to divert the water so that it isn't creating washout right at someone's house or driveway. a berm is simply a raised hump of dirt that has sod over it that the runoff will hit and run down alongside it till it is at the desired location. of course the berm has to be built so that it is runing at an angle to the hill, other wise it will just be a speed bump for the water.

Re: Water, Water and more water

First, have you discussed the issue of draining water onto your property with your neighbors? If they care about relations as you do, this would be the simplest. If they don't, then call in the city.

Could the basement bump reasonably be diverted into sanitary lines in the basement? Could the discharge be piped around the corner of the house to where it would drain elsewhere, perhaps roadside curb?

The gutter run-off. May need to have an adequate drain pipe buried to run the gutter drains into which would take it somewhere else. The berm idea is also a good option if you can get the water to follow it away from foundations.

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