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Water under deck that is almost leveled to ground

I have single family ranch house and in backyard 70% across back wall i have wood deck that is just about same level as ground, so basically i can't see anything under it but i do see from top gap that there is always water collecting under deck.
Even after 10 countinuous days of sun with 85+ temp water done not dry out. Is there a way to solve this problem?


Leo Hake
Re: Water under deck that is almost leveled to ground

Replace the deck with a patio. Otherwise, I had a similar situation at our old place. Removing the deck was out of the question, so I took measures to control the water all the way around the deck. excavated a lot of dirt installing a paver patio, brick walkway and planter bed around the deck to control grade and flow. Not the perfect solution, but worked.

Re: Water under deck that is almost leveled to ground


I have a couple questions: does your house have a basement, crawlspace or is it on a slab? Usually, grading concerns whether or not water is getting into the foundation. If there is no basement or crawlspace, I don't see a problems.

You state that water continues to stand under the deck after several days of sunshine. This would indicate to me that someone put plastic down before the deck was built. If this is the case, water is not percolating down into the soil and therfore will not end up under the foundation. You might be breeding mosquitos, but that is another problem.

Depending on how the decking was put down, you might be able to back off a few boards and better observe what the problem is and how it might be remedied, if indeed, there is a problem at all.

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