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water stopped running in kitchen faucet

There water is running through the rest of the house. The pipes are not frozen. There are no leaks that I can see anywhere between the kitchen and the basement, but the water runs fine in the basement and upstairs. Suggestions?? One person said it was a missing washer, someone else said that it is a tube inside the neck in the back of the facet. If I replace the entire faucet with knobs will this solve the problem?

Re: water stopped running in kitchen faucet


Don't condemn the whole kitchen faucet yet.

First, did you check to see if the aerator is clogged with debris??

The aerator is the little screw-on connection at the spout.

First, stuff a rag or scrunched up paper toweling in the sink drain hole so no small parts get lost down the drain.

Wrap some tape around the aerator at the faucet's spout so you don't mar the finish, and unscrew it with a pliers & see if the faucet now works.

Also, if you have a spray hose, see if that works if the faucet doesn't.

Is this a single handle ball faucet, or a ceramic disk, or cartridge faucet???

Does it have the Name and model stamped on it somewhere??

If the above remedies don't work, see if you can isolate the problem to the faucet or water supply.

Under the cabinet, turn off the cold and hot water supply valves; unscrew the connector that goes from the cold water supply to the faucet with a wrench; fit one end of a plastic tube or hose over the supply pipe and put the other end into a bucket; turn the cold water supply valve back on slightly to see if you have any water at the supply; if you do, the faucet is the problem; if you don't the water supply is the problem.

If no water comes out of the supply pipe, check to see if the washer in the shut-off supply is ok; if there is a waste vent on the valve, open this slightly with a pliers, if a heavy stream of water comes out, it could be a defective washer in the supply valve.

If it's the faucet, the next step is to remove the spout & rebuild whatever's shot inside, like O-rings, washers, etc.

New kitchen faucets cost ~$75, & a new purchase is usually not necessary.

There are sites below that show how to troubleshoot and rebuild the washers, o-rings and seals that you can buy in a kit at HD/Lowes.

At the first site, click onto "how to repair a faucet".


A. Spruce
Re: water stopped running in kitchen faucet
A. Spruce

Jack covered just about all there is. Try his suggestions and report back. :)

Re: water stopped running in kitchen faucet

Yep ... pretty much spot on.
....... unless this is a reason to get that new faucet to freshen up the kitchen;) :D

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