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Water Stain on Kitchen Ceiling

My wife and I noticed a water stain on our first floor kitchen ceiling that is looking worse almost every day. The stain is small but is getting soft in the middle. The source of the water could be the second floor bathroom but I am not so sure. The stain isn't directly over the bathroom. My question is essentially what should we do? Should I hire a plumber to check the toilet and tub/shower to see if there is a leak around y the drains, or perhaps open up the ceiling where the stain is and possibly "see" where the water is coming from? Any help at all or direction would be appreciated. Thanks.

A. Spruce
Re: Water Stain on Kitchen Ceiling

If you're relatively handy, you can problem solve before opening up the ceiling.

  1. Pull the toilet and check for leakage around the flange seal. Regardless of leak, clean the wax seal off the toilet and flange and replace with a new seal. I prefer the ones with the plastic neck because I feel they work better.
  2. Bathtub? Take the cover plate off of the overflow and check the seal. I've experienced where this seal has become loose or damaged and the leak only occurs when the tub is used and water splashed up/around the overflow tube.
  3. Check all visible plumbing in the bathroom for surface leaks that may be pooling and running under/behind cabinets where it then finds its way into the floor cavity below.

If you find anything strange you've probably found your stain source. If all these things check out, then proceed with opening the ceiling from below.

Re: Water Stain on Kitchen Ceiling

If you have children bathing upstairs ill bet you its the fun they have splashing around or showering without shower doors or wall mounted water barriers at each end of the tub to keep water from spashing out during a shower and if its not from showering check to see how wet your kids are getting the floor at bath time. I ran into this at one of our rent houses and found it to be kids at bath time

Re: Water Stain on Kitchen Ceiling

Lol :) When I was a child, my most favorite game in the bathroom was point the shower up and then watch the drops falling from the ceiling :D So maybe that is the source of your problem too? :rolleyes:

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